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Cedar Lane Subdivision Preparing for Phase III

Cedar Lane is located off of Highway 9 and 12th Avenue SE. The homes range in size from
1500-3350 square feet with prices ranging from $235,000-$450,000. There are several different builders to choose from which include Harbor Homes, Tabor, Bodie Construction, and BIG. A community pool is now open along with the City of Norman's Songbird Park. This park offers soccer fields, a walking trail, covered playground area, and picnic benches. The school district includes Norman High, Irving Middle, and Reagan Elementary. I personally love this neighborhood and call it home. Shopping, amenities, and easy access to major highways are minutes away along with Oklahoma University being less than two miles down the road.

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Edgewater Community in Moore!

Edgewater is a new development by R & R Homes. Phase one is completed and Phase two lots are being started now. The neighborhood offers rustic craftsman style homes with the feel of a country setting. Edgewater is a great location with easy access to Norman, Moore, and Oklahoma City. Offering a variety of floor plans to choose from with custom finishes. If maybe custom building is not your thing then you can choose from an already completed home. Phase two completion dates starting now!

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Why you Need a PROFESSIONAL when selling your home!



Why a Real Estate Professional Is Key When Selling Your House | MyKCM

Why a Real Estate Professional Is Key When Selling Your House | MyKCM

Here are five reasons why selling with a real estate professional makes more sense, even in today’s hot market! 

1. They Know What Buyers Want To See

Before you decide which projects and repairs to take on, connect with a real estate professional. They have first-hand experience with today’s buyers, what they expect, and what you need to do to make sure your house shows well! 

If you don’t lean on their expertise, you may spend your time and money on something that isn’t essential. That’s because, in today’s low-inventory market, buyers are willing to take on more of the renovation work themselves.

“. . .?nearly two-in-five potential homebuyers would consider purchasing a home requiring renovations.”?

A professional can help you decide what you need to tackle. It’s not canned advice you could find online – it’s recommendations specific to your house and your area.

2. They Help Maximize Your Buyer Pool

Today, the average home is getting 4.8 offers per sale according to recent data  from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and that competition is pushing prices up. While that’s promising for you as a seller, it’s important to understand your agent’s role in bringing buyers in.

Real estate professionals have an assortment of tools at their disposal, such as social media followers, agency resources, and the MLS to ensure your house is viewed by the most buyers. According to

Only licensed real estate agents can list homes on the MLS, which is a one-stop online shop of sorts for getting a house seen by thousands of agents and home buyers. . . . This is certainly one of many good reasons why the majority of home sellers decide to employ the services of a listing agent rather than going it alone.”

Without access to these tools, your buyer pool is limited. And you want more buyers to view your house since buyer competition can drive your final sales price higher.

3. They Understand the Fine Print

Today, more disclosures and regulations are mandatory when selling a house. That means the number of legal documents you’ll need to juggle is growing. That’s why Investopedia says:

One of the biggest risks of FSBO is not having the experience or expertise to navigate all of the legal and regulatory requirements that come with selling a home.”

A real estate professional knows exactly what needs to happen, what all the paperwork means, and how to work through it efficiently. They’ll help you review the documents and avoid any costly missteps that could occur if you try to handle them on your own.

4. They’re Trained Negotiators

If you sell without a professional, you’ll also be solely responsible for all the negotiations. That means you’ll have to coordinate with:

  • The buyer, who wants the best deal possible
  • The buyer’s agent, who will use their expertise to advocate for the buyer
  • The inspection company, which works for the buyer and will almost always find concerns with the house
  • The appraiser, who assesses the property’s value to protect the lender

Instead of going toe-to-toe with all these parties alone, lean on an expert. They’ll know what levers to pull, how to address everyone’s concerns, and when you may want to get a second opinion.

5. They Know How To Set the Right Price for Your House

If you sell your house on your own, you may over or undershoot your asking price. That could mean you’ll leave money on the table because you priced it too low or your house will sit on the market because you priced it too high. Pricing a house requires expertise. Investopedia explains it like this:

. . . There is no easy or universal way to determine market value for real estate.

Real estate professionals know the ins and outs of how to price your house accurately and competitively. To do so, they compare your house to recently sold homes in your area and factor in the current condition of your house. These factors are key to making sure it’s priced to move quickly while still getting you the highest possible final sale price.

Bottom Line

There's a lot that goes into selling your house. Instead of tackling it alone, let’s connect so you have an expert on your side throughout the entire process.

Vintage Gardens Patio Homes

Vintage Gardens is made up of smaller patio homes under 1700 square feet and duplexes. This community was made with the empty nester in mind. Do you want to have more time to do things instead of lawn work? Homes sell typically in less than one week in Vintage Gardens. If you are a senior looking for a new home then consider using a Senior real estate specialist. Having the SRES certification gives the Realtor more information on how to guide you and better assist you with your purchase or sell. Vintage Gardens is a great place to start your search!

Vintage Gardens Homes

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Rose Creek- Luxury Living

Rose Creek Subdivision
The market has held strong through the pandemic. Buyers are loving the neighborhoods that offer all the luxury with amenities. Rose Creek offers all that and more to its residents. If you're thinking of selling I would consider contacting a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist! Make sure your home is getting the most eyes and views it can! A Realtor who specializes in luxury will typically sell your home quicker than average! It's all in the marketing! Let's get you from listed to sold while the market is hot and let a luxury home specialist take you there.

Start your search for luxury here 
Rose Creek Luxury Living


Are you a Hero?

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Thinking of Right Sizing?

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Why we give to Children's Miracle Network!

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Supply and Demand: What does that tell us about today’s market?


The law of supply and demand explains what’s happening with prices in the current real estate market. Put simply, when demand for an item is high, prices rise. When the supply of the item increases, prices fall. Of course, when demand is very high and supply is very low, prices can rise significantly.

Why Are Prices Rising?

According to CoreLogic, home prices have risen 18% since this time last year. But what’s driving the increase? When we take NAR’s buyer activity data and compare it to the seller traffic during the same timeframe, we can see buyer demand continues to outpace seller activity by a wide margin. In other words, the demand for homes is significantly greater than the current supply that’s available to buy.

Where Are Prices Headed?

Many experts forecast prices will continue to increase, but they’ll likely appreciate at a slower rate. Buyers hoping to purchase the home of their dreams may see this as welcome news. In this case, perspective is important: a slight moderation of home prices does not mean prices will depreciate or fall. Price increases may occur at a slower pace, but experts still expect them to rise.

What Does This Mean for Homebuyers?

If you’re waiting to enter the market because you’re expecting prices to drop, you may end up paying more in the long run. Even if price increases occur at a slower rate next year, prices are still projected to rise. That means the home of your dreams will likely cost even more in 2022.

While prices may increase at a slower pace in the coming months, experts still expect them to rise. If you’re a potential homebuyer, message me today to discuss what that could mean for you if you wait even longer to buy.

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Why Low Inventory Is Good For Sellers?


There is high buyer activity and a historically low number of houses for sale right now. The perfect time for homeowners to sell their house is when the demand for homes is higher than what’s available for sale. Here are a few ways that low inventory can help you get a great deal if you’ve been on the fence about selling your current home.

Better Seller Terms

When there is a seller’s market like there is today, it is much more like being in he driver’s seat when you choose to sell your home. The ball is in your court and you have the power to sell on your own terms because low inventory means less choices for buyers. Buyers are more likely to work with you if it means they can purchase a home in a market where they are hard to find.

Greater Investment Return

ROI is a major focus in real estate. As prices rise, homes gain value. This drives equity increases - in just the second quarter of last year, homeowners were gaining an average of $9800 in equity. Growth in equity can give you the ability to put that money toward a down payment on your next home.

Higher Prices

With buyer numbers high and seller numbers low, homebuyers are having to enter bidding wars for the houses they want. This competition drives up the price of your home - simple supply and demand! This is absolutely a seller advantage, and could potentially net you more for your house when you finally close the deal.

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